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Municipality of Grootfontein

Public Facilities and Services

Municipal Services

Except for the normal municipal services, this municipality also maintains or assists with the maintenance of the following, mostly recreational services. Two community halls, a soccer, athletic, netball sport – complex, a rugby field, tennis courts, golf and public open spaces.

Financial assistance or assistance in any form will be most welcomed in order to upgrade or extend the existing facilities. The above are non-profitable services which are expensive to maintain, but which are also essential to the community, such as roads, street lights etc.


 General public health is being handled by the Ministry of Health and Social Services. There are two hospitals and a clinic in town with two permanent state doctors, with the normal medical staff. Furthermore five private doctors and dentist, with their own consulting rooms and a pharmacy, are available. Clinic services into the district are also provided for, and an ambulance service is available. Inoculation against all important diseases especially for children, are provided for, mostly free of charge.


 Six Primary Schools and two Secondary Schools under the Ministry of Education are available. One national university, a technicon, a teachers- and other smaller training colleges and institutions available throughout the country, but mainly in Windhoek.

Specifically the local schools and institutions can do with and will appreciate and welcome any assistance whatsoever. The standard of education can never be good enough, with education being one of the most important investments in the future of any country. There are also some computer training institutions in the town.



Grootfontein is the gateway to the North-eastern parts of Namibia (Kavango, Caprivi and Bushmanland.) With the completion of the Caprivi-highway, Grootfontein will be fully connected to countries like Zambia, Angola, Botswana and Zimbabwe via tarred roads. The gravel roads are also usually in a good condition.


The railway line under the parasitical, Transnamib, ends at Grootfontein, connecting the town with all major towns and centres to the South of Grootfontein and South Africa. Possibilities to extend this line towards Zambia and Angola are presently being investigated by central government. Business and trade towards the mentioned countries will boost, especially should economic revival in those countries come about.  The railway line to Angola is already under construction. Well-established road transport to the North of the country (Okavango and Caprivi) and beyond, especially heavy-duty transport (goods and materials) is available.


Grootfontein has to its disposal a very high standard runway at the airport that can handle any aircraft on the market. The airport is however at present totally under-utilised. Economic revival in the countries to the North of Namibia will definitely benefit the utilisation of the airport a lot. It is strategically situated for business by air, especially towards the countries in the Southern part of Africa and even worldwide.

 This is definitely an asset that needs to be utilised more effectively and with tremendous possibilities regarding business, trade, travel and tourism.


 The telecommunication network in Namibia is being handled by the Parastatals, Telecom. All normal facilities to a relatively high standard regarding telephones, telex and facsimile, ADSL, 3G etc are available. Global communication is thus possible from Grootfontein. Cellular phone services are available.

 All major local TV channels (Namibia & South-Africa) are available while other popular international channels can also be received, unfortunately only with a satellite dish.

 Police and Defence Force and Justice

 A local police station and magistrate’s office handles all matters regarding the maintenance of law and order and justice. A relatively large component of the Namibia defence force is stationed at Grootfontein. Two local private attorneys handle civil- and other legal matters.