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Municipality of Grootfontein

Welcome to Grootfontein!

Grootfontein is located in the north-east of Namibia in a lush green environment. The district is abundantly endowed with wildlife and game, while the district is well known for its cattle and crop farming.

General Information
Vision: To be the GREAT FOUNTAIN in Namibia for socio-economic health and vibrancy for residents, investors and visitors”

Mission: “The Grootfontein municipality strives to ensure excellent quality services to all its residents through sustainable and transparent utilisation of available resources”

Service Excellence – providing quality services at all times to all people in an effective and efficient way with the right attitude.

Accountability – being accountable to all our stakeholder groups, namely the government, our communities, our employees and our partners.

Transparency – openness, objectiveness and honesty in our dealings with all our stakeholders.

Partnership – Collective Leadership in Decision Making based on Democracy; seeking strategic mutual partnerships with like-minded organisations in local, regional and international levels; seeking unity amongst

This Department is responsible for financial administration of the Council and performs all accounting and related functions within the Council. It is aimed at strategic planning, programming, development of the department of finance and financial growth of the council as a whole.

The Finance & Information department provides accounting and financial services for all Departments of the Municipality. These functions include:

Annual Operating & Capital Budgeting;
Financial Reporting
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Water/Sewer Billing & Collection; and
Property Taxation

The Department of Finance & Information Technology is working to develop and maintain modern information systems, which enhance employee efficiency in a cost-effective manner and thus better serve the citizens of Grootfontein. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact the PRO.

Town Engineer
The Department is responsible for road construction and maintenance, sidewalk construction and maintenance, sanitary sewer collection system, water distribution system, and waste management.

This department is also responsible dealing with all matters relating to engineering, sub-division and site plan development, plan review amongst others. The department is managed by the Town Engineer, and all the divisions are managed by supervisors.

Environmental Health

 Health and Environmental Inspection and Disease Fighting Unit
 Health and Environment Awareness and Guidance Unit
 Gardening and Abattoirs’ etc…

The department also comprises of Wellness unit and objective of the department is to impart knowledge as well as disseminating information about HIV/AIDS to the employees of the council as well as the public at large. The department has a task force that is aim at distributing condoms, to give information regarding TB, ARV, STI’s, and behavioural change.

Build Together Programme
The programme is aimed at accommodating the low and ultra-low income of Namibia. It’s divided in four sub-programmes:

Urban rural housing loans sub-programmes
More than 170 houses have been constructed under this sub-programme since 1998 to 2017.

Single Quarter
The very first houses constructed were 14 show houses. 75 units were constructed, currently 62 houses have been completed. Currently Council is busy servicing an area where more than 300 plots will be made available for the community including the single quarter current residents. The service is at an advance stage progressing very well.

Informal settlement up-grading sub-programme
More than 300 plots has been allocated to this area. Communal facilities (toilets, taps etc) have been provided by the local authority for this reside.